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Offering multiple sources of market data, strategy tools, and a dedicated team of comp experts, Payfactors scales to the needs of any organization.

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Core features of Payfactors

Job Description

Great compensation starts with accurate, up-to-date job descriptions.


The future of compensation, Peer gives access to a living, dynamic market.

Customer-sourced Ideas

Help drive our product roadmap. Every three weeks, we build your ideas right into the platform.

Data insights and storytelling

Data matters. But it’s not just the data itself. It’s how you tell a story with that data and communicate its impact to the C-suite.

The comp

The best resource in comp is its people.

Redefining the compensation data experience

Peer data

See how other organizations in your industry approach compensation. Payscale’s Peer offering provides fresh, granular, flexible data on-demand.

Payfactors Market Data

Better inform how you attract and retain talent. Benchmark your jobs with aggregated, HR-reported market data that supports W@W best practices.

Survey publishers data

We support a variety of third-party and traditional surveys from leading publishers, including the power of Mercer’s expansive compensation data set.

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Payfactors resources ensure that your product questions are answered. Our tools and guides designed to help you easily navigate through the product.

sourced ideas

Share your real-world perspective with the Payfactors product team—from directly within the platform—to help inform and influence our future roadmap.


Connect and collaborate with a worldwide network of compensation pros. These dedicated experts can support your team at any stage of your journey.

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